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Twenty six year old Sheila Kumar meets Abel Freeman, a fellow countryman across the oceans, in a chat room, and against all the odds finds a soulmate in him. Five years of intermittent internet chats churn up emotions and expectations that result in the need for a meeting. After an inevitable, passionate encounter, Abel mentions his darkest secret to her from the very bottom of his heart. Is Sheila sophisticated enough to handle it like a soulmate, or is she only human enough to err?

Soulmates Never Part is the story of a young woman and reconnoiters the emotional challenges she faces due to her circumstances even as she maintains a routine life at the ground level. It explores life from various angles. On one hand, it points out to the emotional vulnerability of any young girl who gets carried away by circumstances, while on the other, it focuses on the indomitable, diehard spirit of an ordinary human, in the depth of unhappiness, to look forward towards something better. It pins down a loneliness in today’s hectic life schedule that is not able to be shared with people physically around but is a comparatively easy vibe with a stranger across the oceans, over the internet.

Soulmates Never Part points towards momentary human weaknesses and the inevitable consequences that come with it. It brings out the latent nature of man to look for success despite disappointments and fight through adversities sooner or later in life. It reiterates the fact that any sense of utter hopelessness can be tackled only if one is able to give oneself a real chance and has faith in what one believes in, and is able to trust oneself to be able to work at achieving it. It confirms to the notion that fame and money do not matter beyond a point if it is not going to be shared with the right person in the long run.

Finally, Soulmates Never Part subscribes to love and the vital importance of understanding someone without being judgmental and accepting what comes along with the person. A long distance relationship is not easy, but with the right person it can be beautiful, and to an extent, life itself.